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    **For the 2018 - 2019 School Calendar, look in the "Important Link" section. The calendar at the top shows month by month events, that may be helpful to you as well!**

    **Please encourage students to check Google Classroom for clubs, classes and school information pages for other on-going announcements.
  • May
    Tuesday - 4th period exam 8:04 - 8:51
    5th period exam 8:51 - 9:42
    Wednesday - 6th period exam 8:04 - 8:51
    7th period exam 8:51 - 9:42
    Thursday - Make-up - With medical excuse only!

    -24th - Graduation 7 p.m.

About B.B. Comer Memorial High School

5 months ago


Mission Statement  

To educate every student to his or her fullest potential so they may be fully prepared to meet the challenges of college or a career after high school while being responsible contributing members of society.

Tiger Testimony

As students of B. B. Comer Memorial High School, we pledge to create a Tradition of excellence, to leave a Legacy of success, and never to forget our Commitment to be honorable representatives of our school, our community, and ourselves.

Created by the Student Leadership Team

Tradition. Legacy. Commitment

Teacher Testimony

As educators of B. B. Comer Memorial High School, we commit to provide authentic learning experiences for our students in order for them to become successful in achieving their greatest potential, in becoming life-long learners, and in adapting and adjusting to a diverse and ever changing society.

Created by the Teachers of B. B. Comer Memorial High School

Tradition. Legacy. Commitment

Pathway Center for College & Career Readiness

The vision of Talladega County Schools is to provide an engaging, rigorous curriculum empowering all students to be college and career ready. B. B. Comer Memorial has truly embraced this vision. The school's infrastructure has been updated to accommodate the school's 21st century transformation. Chromebook laptops, 70-inch TV monitors, iPads, professional learning environments, and the latest software programs are the tools for instruction. The faculty and staff is equipped with enthusiastic and exceptional professionals that actively participate in professional development for using these 21st century tools with their students. The details of our academic program are outlined throughout our school's website and brochure. The goal for our graduates at B. B. Comer Memorial High School is for every student to be fully prepared to meet the challenges of college or a career after high school.

What Does College and Career Ready Mean?

Alabama's Plan 2020 states a college and career ready school provides students with the knowledge and skills needed to enroll and succeed in credit-bearing, first-year courses at a postsecondary institution, such as a two- or four-year college, trade school, or technical school without the need for remediation.

The History of B. B. Comer Memorial High School

In 1911 Avondale Mills organized B. B. Comer Memorial School as a private, one-teacher school. It was housed in what later became the Avondale Mills Credit Union building. The building was later torn down, and that plot of land has since become a parking lot.

In 1933 the Talladega County Board of Education assumed supervision of the elementary school and in 1936 the high school. Before Alabama implemented a nine-month school program, Avondale Mills supplemented the school term.

In 1937 a new building was built as a Public Works Administration project at the cost of $141,965. Fifty-five percent of this amount and eighteen acres of land were donated by Avondale Mills. Upon its completion the school was one of the largest and most modern in the South. The original campus site covered seven acres, and the front acreage extended 514 feet. The school served 1,350 students with 41 teachers.

The agriculture building was built in 1939 also as a PWA project. This building currently houses the in-school suspension program. In 1941, eight rooms were added to the main building, four to the elementary school and four to the high school.

On March 17, 1993, a fire destroyed nineteen classrooms, six restrooms, the auditorium, the media center, the guidance office, three computer labs, the high school office complex, the conference room, the high  school faculty workroom, the yearbook office and the record room. In April 1996 the two-story facility that links the two wings left standing after the fire  was completed. The new builidng included a larger auditorium, media center, guidance department and more classrooms. In the fall of 1997, B. B. Comer Memorial School became two schools, B. B. Comer Memorial Elementary and B. B. Comer Memorial High School.