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Board Appreciation

Board Appreciation

B. B. Comer High Representative 

Mrs. Joan Doyle

Mrs. Jane Doyle is a Talladega County Schools Board Member and our representative for B.B. Comer schools. Mrs. Doyle taught math for 14 years before moving into administration.  Before she retired, she was blessed to work in three wonderful school systems, including Talladega County and was a high school principal before she retired.  In addition to serving on the Talladega County School Board, she supervises student teachers for UAB.  She is married to Don Doyle and she has two children and three wonderful grandchildren. She was originally from Blount County and she enjoys reading, going to the beach, hiking, and spending time with family.  

            Mrs. Doyle says that she gets excited when she visits the classrooms at B.B. Comer because she sees the great opportunities that our school is providing students.  She is honored to have the opportunity to serve the students of Talladega County and feels it is truly an exciting time to be a part of such and innovative school system.

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